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Introduction:Structural formula: c6h5och2ch2ohMolecular weight: 138.17Alias: ethylene glycol phenyl ether, 2-phenoxy ethanol, phenyl fibrinolytic agent, boiling point: 245 ℃Relative density: 1....

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Product introduction

alias Ethylene glycol phenyl ether
CAS No 122-99-6
structure C6H5OCH2CH2OH
molecule 138.17
density 1.102g/cm
flash point 128℃
boiling point 245℃

Structural formula: c6h5och2ch2oh

Molecular weight: 138.17

Alias: ethylene glycol phenyl ether, 2-phenoxy ethanol, phenyl fibrinolytic agent, boiling point: 245 ℃

Relative density: 1.102g/cm

Flash point: 128 ℃

  Phenoxyethanol is a typical high boiling organic solvent. As early as the 1970s, it has been widely used in Europe and America. It is a colorless transparent liquid with slightly aromatic flavor. It has the characteristics of good miscibility, low volatility and strong permeability. Compared with isophorone (commonly known as 783), DBE and benzyl alcohol, it has outstanding comprehensive performance and can be used instead of full performance.

  Phenoxyethanol is a low toxic substance, commonly known as "universal solvent". It can be used as solvent for acrylic resin, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose, epoxy resin, phenoxy resin, etc. It is commonly used as solvent and modifier of paint, ink and ballpoint pen oil, penetrant of printing ink, anti blocking agent of silk screen printing ink, penetrant and bactericide in detergent, and film-forming assistant of water-based coatings. As a dye solvent, it can increase the solubility of PVC plasticizer. Using its strong solubility, it can clean the surface treatment of printed circuit boards and plastics. It is suitable for all kinds of surface cleaning agents for metals, ceramics, glass and plastics. If it is used in paint cleaning agents, it has good effect and short time to treat the surface coating of substrate. Perfume protectants and diluents for cosmetics are ideal solvents for hydroxybenzoates. A better solvent and penetrant aid for hair colorants and nail polish colorants. It is an ideal antiseptic in medicine and can also be used as an anesthetic. Used as extractant in petroleum industry.

  Packaging and storage:

  (1) 200kg galvanized barrel. Further discussion on special requirements (labels, etc.).

  (2) This product is non dangerous and should be stored in a cool and dry place.

  (3) Send samples free of charge.

  (4) Freight free for more than 5 tons.

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